the ümabomber



I’m named after a Hindu goddess who’s charged with the herculean task of balancing heaven and earth. In my own life that translates into being a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll (or more like a little bit classical and a lotta punk rock).

When I’m not riding I’m writing. I write for money, as an editorial and copy writer for outdoor and bike industry clients.

I also write for love. Love of language, cadence, rhythm, and the art of storytelling. I also love bourbon, bikes, boys, beers, and books (not necessarily in that order) and that’s just the Bs.

I cuss, spit and shoot like a cowboy, but I move with the elegance of a dancer and I feel with the soul of an artist; think Katharine Hepburn meets Chrissie Hynde on a singlespeed 29er or a 6” travel all-mountain bike, depending on my mood at the time.

They call me The Ümabomber—a nod to my love of “bombing” downhill on my bike and my uncompromising view of pursuing what makes us tick.

In my past lives I’ve been a bike messenger in New York City, the lead singer in a rock band, a graphic designer, an off-Broadway stagehand, and a gogo dancer.

I’m currently accepting freelance writing assignments, while I continue work on my next book—a stranger than fiction true story of surviving incredible odds and being ”saved by bike”.

My name is Üma. The umlaut is silent.